M. Runnells
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“These pieces are combinations of both Eastern and Western paper making techniques and fibers.  Kozo, an oriental mulberry tree and cotton are used.  The oriental method takes the inner bark if the tree, soaks and then cooks the fiber.  To “coax” the fibers apart, the bark is beaten by hand with a 2’x4’ for about two hours.  This method leaves the sinewy fibers intact, whereas the use of a whereas the use of a mechanical beater would shorten the fibers.  The Kozo is then pigmented and formation aid is added to suspend the fibers so that a sheet of paper can be formed.  Cotton, on the other hand, is mechanically beaten anywhere from 1/2 to 6 hours, depending on the project.  The cotton is then pigmented ready to use.”


Location: Middle School Room 424

Medium: Fibers

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