Rachel Pinson and 
Terri Willits
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This piece was created as part of the Fusion Project that MRH hosted at the St. Louis Artist Guild in 2008.  The show represented a collaboration between local artists, writers, and students. Teams were paired up and students worked along side creative professionals to create a combined art and writing piece. 

Here, with the Student Rachel Pinson, Terri Willits, created a mixed media piece that included photography, and encaustic.  She likes to create images that I find striking, both emotionally and intellectually in her professional work. “As an artist, my manipulation of images and medium should in no way be construed as a means to influence responses or reactions in the viewer.  Whether or not my creations communicate my bond with my art is not paramount, yet I do find satisfaction in knowing that others find a personal connection to my work.”


“The Mind’s Closet”

Location: High School 3rd Floor

Medium: Photography, Mixed Media with Encaustic

artist contact: